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Phone: 250-417-0505

Rejuvenating Wellness Massage

60 min $ 100

90 min for $ 145 or ........ 30 min $ 65

Enjoy a relaxing or deep tissue massage treatment that will relieve tension and bring a sense of overall well being. Treatment may include reiki energy work, deep tissue work, reflexology and essential oils for the ultimate in relaxation.

Raindrop Massage …… .. …… .. 75 min $ 110

A wonderfully relaxing & detoxifying massage, using a sequence of nine anti microbial pure essential oils. Great for relaxation or to aid in detoxifying, bringing the body into balance with energetic alignment. 

Hot Stone Massage ……….… ... 60 min $ 118

This massage combines the relaxing effects of traditional massage with heated river stones. The heat penetrates the muscles relieving stress and tired or aching muscles. Amazing!

Chakra Balancing Massage ...... 75 min $110

An innovative treatment that focuses on balancing the chakras using variety of massage techniques, reflexology and reiki energy work for each of the chakras. This treatment offers the benefits of stress relief, decreased muscular tension & increased energy. Feel balanced & Relaxed!

Crystal Reiki ……………… ..… ..................... 30 min $ 45

Plus 30 min massage .............. ... ... 60 min $100

An ancient healing method using hands on energy healing, supporting the body's ability to heal. The use of crystals enhances healing & can be used to cleanse & balance the chakras or energy centers of the body.

Crystal Light Therapy ....... 75-90 min $ 145

Purify Cleanse & Balance. Energize with our new Spiritual Spa treatment! We purify & cleanse your aura, guide you through a light filled chakra meditation to cleanse and balance and finish with a beautiful lemurian quartz crystal massage. Heavenly!

Moor Mud Body Wrap …… .... 60 min $ 110

          With 30 minute massage… ...… ... $ 155

Start with a salt scrub exfoliation to awaken the skin, then cleanse and detoxify while wrapped in warmed moor mud on a heated table. Then immerse yourself in our hydrotherapy tub. Finish this beautiful treatment with a 30 min massage and replenish the skin with our natural oils.

Seaweed Body Wrap ………… .. 60 min $ 110

          With 30 minute massage… ..… .. $ 155

Start your treatment with a rejuvenating dry brush skin exfoliation or salt scrub. A warm seaweed gel is smoothed over your body, re-mineralizing and rejuvenating the skin as you are then wrapped in a warm cocoon of sheets. While resting, you will enjoy a relaxing scalp and facial massage. Finish with cleansing shower. Feel refreshed!

** Infrared Amethyst Biomat included in all massage and body wrap treatments 

Note: None of the massage treatments are done by RMT, so no direct billing available at this time.​