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MicroNeedling ..... $295/single session

... or package of 3 treatments for $775 

What is Microneedling with the InnoPen?

MicroNeedling - A clinically proven method of Collagen Induction without laser - probably the most safe and effective treatment for aging and acne scarring.

The InnoPen delivers the safest method of MicroNeedling treatment, with its disposable needle cartridges that penetrate the skin at a precise 90 degree causing no micro-tearing of skin. This induces the skin's own healing process and collagen production is increased. MIcroNeedling with the Innopen can:

  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rejuvenate skin tone and texture
  • Improve the appearance of scars
  • Increase absorption of cosmetic serums
  • Deliver painless results with little to no downtime

MicroNeedling with the Innopen (Health Canada approved device) allows us to create tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin with a stamp like motion. Once these tiny punctures have been created they trigger the body to create new collagen and elastin, and allow for optimal product penetration of therapeutic hylauranic serum. This service results in improved texture and firmness, as well as a reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks.

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